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Rough Trade

A. Savage Unveils New Single

Recorded in the same session as his recent solo album Several Songs About Fire,Black Holes, the Stars and You” has been a long-time coming from visual artist and Parquet Courts co-frontman A. Savage. With production by John Parish and propelled by an infectious groove, A. Savage’s lyrical poetry is on full display here as he examines the cognitive dissonance between the way we see ourselves and the way we see other people.

Of “Black Holes, the Stars and You”, Savage says: “I love the groove that John Parish and Dylan Hadley lay down here, using various Latin percussion instruments. It’s a song that I’d been working on for a few years, that had way too many parts and lyrics, which John really helped me sculpt down into what it is now, bless him. The song is about the different ways people see each other, and how the smaller we feel the bigger others seem. Sometimes you find yourself orbiting someone who has no idea of their own magnitude. Sometimes you feel like they are examining you in a Petri dish, their gaze a magnified eye in the sky.”

“Black Holes, the Stars and You” follows a thoughtful stream of singles from Several Songs About Fire“David’s Dead”, Elvis In The Army,” and Thanksgiving Prayer,”

For those lucky enough to live in and around Vancouver, You can see A. Savage perform on Wednesday April 17th at the Rickshaw