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Adrianne Lenker Joyfully Ponders On “Fool”

Adrianne Lenker has shared the new single, “Fool”, from her upcoming album, Bright Future, out on 22 March. With bent, plucked, and trembling strings, “Fool” chases its tail for answers with softened beach glass geometry. “If I were him, would you be my family too?” she asks an indecisive lover who wishes to live two lives at once. Adrianne finds no advice. A course is needed, any direction will do. “Just say what it is that you want.” It is the doldrums sailors fear. “What more can I possibly say? / So if you wanna go I say baby okay, okay.”

Accompanying the single is another video directed by Adrianne’s brother, Noah Lenker, featuring Adrianne’s family and their dogs. “I feel like I can hear her laughing and smiling when I listen back to this song. The joy is palpable,” says producer Philip Weinrobe. “It’s easy to forget that Adrianne can do unbridled ecstatic happiness just as deftly as every other emotion in the human experience.” One of the first songs recorded for the album and one of only a handful captured at night, Weinrobe sets the scene: “the fireplace was ripping, Oso was barking, and the vibe was just right. After we captured this one I knew we were gonna make a special record.” Bright Future is out March 22nd.

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