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At some point in the early 21st century, Radiohead became something more than a band: they became a touchstone for everything that is fearless and adventurous in rock, inheriting the throne from David Bowie, Pink Floyd, and the Talking Heads. The latter group gave the band its name — it’s an album track on 1986’s True Stories — but Radiohead never sounded much like the Heads, nor did they take much from Bowie, apart from their willingness to experiment. Instead, they spliced Floyd’s spaciness with U2’s messianic arena rock heft, bridging the gap with guitar skronk borrowed from the ’80s American underground.

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Colin Greenwood Will Help You Disappear

Radiohead’s bassist Colin Greenwood is also a photographer and writer. In this, his stunning first book, two decades in the making, he takes us on a journey into the heart of the 21st century’s most influential band, a maverick collective who vastly broadened our musical landscape while they dominated and distorted it. On stage, backstage,…

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