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Britain’s John Glacier Signs to Young

Hackney-born rapper, producer and poet John Glacier has announced her signing to Young, along with “Money Shows (Feat. Eartheater)”, the first cut from her upcoming EP, Like A Ribbon, arriving Feb 23rd. Listen to the brand new track below:

“Money Shows”

Even before the release of her debut project SHILOH: Lost For Words, John Glacier has been a totemic force in London’s hallowed rap scene. Standout collaborations with the likes of Vegyn, Babyfather and LYAM instilled her promise, while her first project compounded it; a surreal, diaristic daydream through the inner-psyche of one of UK music’s most beguiling minds.

1. Satellite
2. Tripsteady
3. Money Shows ft. Eartheater
4. Emotions
5. Nevasure

February 23rd, 2024