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Paul Institute

Fabiana Palladino Can’t Dream Anymore

Fabiana Palladino‘s “I Can’t Dream Anymore” is the latest single taken from her highly anticipated self-titled debut album which is out on 5 April via Paul Institute / XL Recordings.

Having premiered during the Radio Fabiana show on NTS yesterday, “I Can’t Dream Anymore” is released today alongside a music video conceptualized by Fabiana and directed by Josh Renaut and Caroline Waxse. It places Fabiana aboard Radio Caroline ship – the world’s most famous pirate radio station during 60s and 70s – where her sense of longing exists in her isolation as she broadcasts out to the world.

Speaking on the new music and forthcoming album, Fabiana Palladino says

I wrote I Can’t Dream Anymore in a period of the first lockdown where I was staying up too late, writing songs for the album alone and the intensity and unreality of everything started to affect my sleep. Everything felt very surreal and it reminded me of when i’ve been in the aftermath of big changes, those moments in life where everything shifts and you have to reconfigure yourself.

I listened to the shipping forecast during that time for comfort. I found it relaxing but the isolation I was feeling felt more romantic when I listened to it. I’d be playing this imagined, isolated version of myself out to sea, completely alone but connected to others by broadcasting my radio show from the ship late into the night which is how I connected with Radio Caroline for the video. A theme across the album is connection and disconnection. It’s something I’m fascinated by and the video represents it in a way which feels specific to “I Can’t Dream Anymore”.

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