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Rough Trade

Jockstrap Announce Remix Album I<3UQTINVU - Share "Red Eye"

London-based duo Jockstrap present I<3UQTINVU, a fully remixed version of their 2023 Mercury Prize shortlisted album, I Love You Jennifer B, from the band's Taylor Skye, arriving November 3rd via Rough Trade Records. The first single, "Neon" remixed into "Red Eye ft. Ian Starr", arrives today alongside a self-shot music video. The record is the brainchild of Skye, who was making multiple versions of the album’s original tracklisting to stay inspired during its production/writing. The guest features on the remix record range from Ersatz, who inspired Skye to make music many years ago to Ian Starr who he only connected with online a few months ago. On I<3UQTINVU, skye said: “Some of the remixes are almost three years old and some are under six months old. We played a run of shows with Babymorroco when our album came out to test them all. The main thing I was interested in whilst making this music was the sonic palette and the texture of the music. The musical material didn't matter too much, it was just about the sound…”. Jockstrap's I<3UQTINVU arrives on Limited Edition Indie Red Vinyl housed in a Scratch & Sniff Inner Sleeve, as well as Standard Black Vinyl.