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Lucinda Chua Is Reclaiming The Rose

Following the release of her critically-acclaimed debut album YIAN earlier this year, Lucinda Chua has shared a brand new 3-Track EP, Reclaiming The Rose, out now via 4AD

“Following the release of YIAN, I had the opportunity to perform my music and connect with new audiences across Europe and Asia. Reclaiming The Rose is a bi-lingual meditation exploring ideas of returning, remembering and retracing ancestral roots. I was inspired by the journey of the rose; a plant indigenous to China that made its way to the UK in the 1700s. I met the artist and poet He Sun at a music festival in Italy and found a kinship with one of her poems. I wanted to set these words to music, to hear the words spoken in both their English and Mandarin form. I asked my friend Xiaoqiao to join me on the final song.”

Lucinda Chua, speaking on the EP.
  1. The Maze
  2. Rose Garden
  3. Remembering The Rose (ft. Xiaoqiao)

Reclaiming The Rose packshot