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XL Recordnings

No Turbulence on Joy Orbison’s flight fm

Joy Orbison starts the year in style with the release of “flight fm” via XL Recordings. It’s a track that’s already made a big impact on dancefloors around the world, one that belies the speed and ease with which it was made. 

Written and recorded while waiting for a lift to perform at last year’s Lost Village Festival, “flight fm” was (literally) road tested through the car stereo on the drive to the event, followed by much encouragement from the other passengers to debut it that night. Even on first play, through Lost Village’s Airbase Stage sound system, the response was phenomenal and a highlight of a set that saw the Evening Standard stating “the best, though, had to be Joy Orbison, who flexed every musical muscle he had in a two hour set which felt like a lawless free party”. 

Since that night, “flight fm” has taken on a life of its own. A highlight in Joy Orbison’s own sets, it’s also been shared and road tested by a close-knit group of friends and collaborators including Four Tet, who played it three times during his recent Warehouse Project B3B with Skrillex and Fred again.. Tweaked and refined over the course of 2023, “Flight FM” gets a full release today.  

“Flight FM” is Joy Orbison’s first new music since 2023’s acclaimed “Freedom 2” collaboration with Overmono and Kwengface, which featured in numerous “Best Of 2023” lists (Resident Advisor, Mixmag etc). September also saw Joy Orbison allowing himself a rare moment to look back with the self-release of archive 09-10a compilation of five highly sought-after early tracks (“tentative bidding demo”, “smother demo”, “ladywell”, “em & aitch” and “gr etiquette”) that heralded Joy Orbison’s explosive introduction around 2009-2010.