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The Year In Review – May 2023

On May 12th, via XL Recordings, UK electronic duo Overmono released debut full-length album Good Lies. Highly anticipated would be an understatement; since their inception they’ve purposefully cultivated a fanbase that heralds them as one of the UK’s most original contemporary live electronic acts. Brothers Ed and Tom Russell presented their most ambitious release to date, a twelve track journey through a powerful distillation of their musical career so far. Good Lies remoulds and interweaves captivating vocal cuts into a series of multi-genre electronic sounds that flits effortlessly between euphoria and melancholy.

“Good Lies” Title Track

A few weeks later, on May 26th, Brooklyn duo Water From Your Eyes (Rachel Brown – they/them and Nate Amos – he/him) shared their latest album, and first for Matador,  Everyone’s Crushed. The record finds silliness and fatalism dancing in a frantic lockstep, using heart palpitating rhythms and absurdist, deadpan lyrics to convey stories of personal and societal unease. Described by Brown as Water From Your Eyes’ most collaborative record ever, it’s a swollen contusion of an album: experimental pop music that’s pretty and violent, raw and indelible. “…the whole thing is dizzyingly obtuse and borderline incomprehensible. But in the end who cares, because the music sounds awesome.” – Pitchfork (8.3/10 – Best New Music).

“Barley” – Music Video