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Belle and Sebastian

If you love Belle and Sebastian, 2022’s A Bit of Previous was a surprise gift that felt earned in the midst of some tough-ass times. Belle and Sebastian have already given us a bounty of classic records, so with the previous half-decade’s output — scattered EP’s, soundtracks, and a live record that doubles as a greatest hits collection — you would be forgiven for assuming there was nothing left in the tank and it was time to fire up the tour bus for some album anniversary shows. But you’d be wrong. Turns out the band spent the bleakest parts of peak pandemic times with each other, harnessing the magnitude of an unthinkable situation and the solitude of rides on an empty train car to distant areas of a beautiful snow-covered city. They transmogrified that energy into beams of joy, heartbreak, truth, hope, spirituality, loss and love shining through every moment. It was as if we had been wandering through a cold, dark, seemingly infinite forest until out of nowhere Belle and Sebastian appeared, waiting in the doorway of a warm and familiar space. A space that was previously designated for rehearsal and mail-order, but is currently wallpapered with A4 paper bearing potential song titles. As bass and kick drum patterns pump through the wall, the band invites you in from the cold — not to lie and tell you everything is going to be okay, but to let you know that you are not alone. SO HOW LUCKY ARE WE THAT THEY WERE MAKING TWO RECORDS ALL ALONG?!

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Belle and Sebastian Ask An Age Old Question

Ahead of the launch of their coast-to-coast North American tour this month, Belle and Sebastian have released a brand new song, “What Happened to You, Son?“ “‘What Happened to You Son’ got pulled rather randomly from the last LP because the LP felt one track too long. Out it came. The song is about my youth, and the…

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Belle & Sebastian Announce 2024 Canadian Shows

Belle and Sebastian will return to Canada this spring with shows in Montreal (April 28th @ MTelus) and Toronto (April 29th @ History). Both shows will be supported by The Weather Station. The shows are part of a coast-to-coast North American run of dates kicking off in Atlanta on April 23 and wrapping up in…

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